Life is short. Use the good china.

It’s a common phrase used to remind us to embrace the good things in life. We know that times have changed. In the interest of saving space in our homes, and saving time and effort hand washing fancy dishes and polishing silver utensils, fewer people have the desire to own full sets of china and silverware. That’s where we come in. At the Dish & the Spoon, celebrating the good things in life and making special events extra special is our passion.

The Dish & the Spoon was created by Tamara Picknell and her partner Grant Smith. The idea came about as they were searching for vintage pieces for the wedding of Grant’s daughter. They noticed that many younger people did not own heirloom dishes, nor were these lovely vintage place settings available for people to rent for the special events in their lives. Firm believers that there are some occasions in life worth celebrating  in a big way, they began to build a collection of beautiful heirloom china, crystal and vintage flatware. Along the way, they met many lovely people who were thrilled to know that their heirloom china was going to be appreciated and enjoyed, rather than spend eternity in a box or china cabinet.

The feedback was incredible. It seemed there was a legitimate want for mismatched china and tableware in the Calgary area. Now their collection holds enough pieces for large wedding receptions, fun and elegant tea parties, unique birthday celebrations, celebrations of life, or any other event that you want a little something special. Vintage china, stemware, and silverware are only part of what the Dish & the Spoon offers. They also have a beautiful collection of vases,  unique items for table decor, bar ware, and vintage linens. The Dish & the Spoon is very excited to help make your event a breathtaking and memorable affair.